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The Top Benefits of Investing in LPS 1175 Rated Security Systems

In an era marked by technological advancements and increasing concerns about security, businesses and individuals alike are prioritizing robust security measures. LPS 1175, a widely recognized standard for physical security, has become a benchmark for evaluating the effectiveness of security systems. This article explores the top benefits of investing in LPS 1175 rated security systems and highlights the importance of choosing a reputable security system supplier.

Understanding LPS 1175

LPS 1175, developed by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), is a standard that classifies the performance of security products. This includes doors, windows, and enclosures, providing a rating system based on the time it takes for an intruder to breach the security barrier. The ratings range from SR1 to SR8, with SR8 being the most secure. Investing in security systems that comply with LPS 1175 ensures a high level of protection against unauthorized access.

Key Benefits of LPS 1175 Rated Security Systems

  • Enhanced Physical Security

The primary advantage of LPS 1175 rated security systems is the assurance of enhanced physical security. These systems are rigorously tested and certified to withstand various levels of forced entry attempts. The higher the SR rating, the greater the resistance to break-ins. Businesses and individuals can thus have confidence that their assets and property are well-protected against potential threats.

  • Customized Security Solutions

LPS 1175 rated security systems come in a variety of specifications, allowing users to choose products tailored to their specific security needs. Whether it’s a residential property, commercial establishment, or critical infrastructure facility, there are LPS 1175 rated solutions designed to address unique security challenges. This customization ensures that users get the most effective security measures for their particular environment.

  • Compliance with Insurance Requirements

Many insurance providers recognize the credibility of LPS 1175 and may offer premium discounts to businesses and individuals who invest in security systems that meet or exceed these standards. By aligning security measures with LPS 1175 ratings, stakeholders can not only enhance their security posture but also enjoy financial benefits through reduced insurance premiums.

  • Deterrence and Psychological Impact

The visible presence of LPS 1175 rated security systems acts as a deterrent to potential intruders. Knowing that breaking through these systems is a formidable challenge, criminals are less likely to attempt a breach. Additionally, the psychological impact on individuals within secured premises is significant, fostering a sense of safety and well-being.

  • Long-Term Cost Savings

While the initial investment in LPS 1175 rated security systems may seem substantial, it represents a strategic long-term investment. The robustness and durability of these systems translate to lower maintenance costs over time. Businesses and individuals benefit from a reliable security infrastructure that requires minimal upkeep, contributing to overall cost savings.

Choosing the Right Security System Supplier

Investing in LPS 1175 rated security systems is only as effective as the supplier chosen to provide and install the systems. A reputable security system supplier plays a crucial role in ensuring that the products meet the required standards and are installed correctly. Here are key considerations when selecting a security system supplier:

  • Certification and Compliance

Ensure that the security system supplier is certified and compliant with industry standards. Look for certifications from relevant authorities and associations, demonstrating a commitment to quality and adherence to established security standards.

  • Track Record and Reputation

Examine the supplier’s past performance and standing within the sector. A supplier with a history of successfully delivering high-quality security solutions is more likely to provide reliable products and services. Customer reviews, testimonials, and case studies can offer valuable insights into the supplier’s performance.

  • Product Range and Customization Options

Choose a supplier that offers a diverse range of LPS 1175 rated security products. This allows for greater flexibility in selecting solutions that align with specific security requirements. The ability to customize products ensures that the security system is tailored to the unique needs of the client.

  • Installation and Maintenance Services

Evaluate the supplier’s capabilities in installation and maintenance services. A reliable supplier not only provides high-quality products but also ensures proper installation and ongoing maintenance to maximize the effectiveness and longevity of the security systems.

  • Customer Support and Training

Effective customer support and training are essential components of a successful security system implementation. Select a supplier that offers comprehensive support services, including training for end-users and maintenance personnel. This ensures that stakeholders are well-equipped to utilize and maintain the security systems effectively.


Making the strategic choice to invest in security systems rated according to LPS 1175 provides a multitude of advantages, encompassing heightened physical security and enduring cost-effectiveness. Equally crucial is the selection of a trustworthy HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) supplier for barriers, as it guarantees the excellence, dependability, and accurate installation of these security systems. By giving precedence to LPS 1175 rated solutions and collaborating with a reputable HVM supplier for barriers, businesses and individuals can strengthen their security infrastructure, leading to a sense of assurance in the face of the escalating complexities in the security landscape.

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