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Why did I need to update QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024?

Early in the previous year, Intuit modified the requirements for qualifying for a perpetual QuickBooks desktop product, limiting it to companies that had previously used QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024 to access desktop products. We do not anticipate Intuit to continue providing QuickBooks Premier Editions or QuickBooks for Mac through the Intuit for Nonprofits Program in the future, though, due to internal changes at the company. Instead, Intuit is pushing businesses to use QuickBooks Online products. If your company feels that QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024 is better suited for desktop versions, please let Intuit know.

Increased Security and Data Protection with QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024

  • Find out how these new demands might impact your company by reading on.
  • Your Choices After the Program Modifications We anticipate that Intuit will stop supporting QuickBooks Premier in 2024. Stated differently, 2023 marks the final year that Intuit will offer support for these products.
  • You have a few choices if you purchased an impacted Intuit QuickBooks product from QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024.
  • If you’re using QuickBooks Premier 2024 right now, switch to QuickBooks Online or another version. Through TechSoup, organizations can request subscriptions to QuickBooks Online Plus or QuickBooks Online Advanced. At $75 for a one-year subscription, admin costs begin.
  • If you fulfill our eligibility requirements and are currently running QuickBooks for Mac, you can
  • Benefit from QuickPro Advisor, when support for that product ends, you will still need to switch to an alternative solution if you select this option.

Take into consideration switching to QuickBooks Desktop Premier

Organizations using QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024 can access their data on PCs, Macs, tablets, and mobile devices from any location with an Internet connection. The internet and desktop versions are nearly identical: Reporting, transaction classification and labeling, and budget tracking are all included.

QuickBooks Online does not need to be updated or upgraded every few years, in contrast to desktop licensing. Furthermore, offers other interfaces, including financial and commercial tools like invoice and bill payment. QuickBooks, which combines the flexibility of a cloud-based platform with the majority of the functionality of the desktop edition, is a perfect option for many charitable organizations.

The Variations QuickBooks Edition

Between QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, there are a few functionality gaps. For your accounting needs, consider looking into other solutions if you depend significantly on any of the following capabilities included in the desktop version. For some potential substitutes, scroll to the bottom of this article. Concerns about generating unique reports to oversee and monitor grants, special initiatives, and restricted funding have been brought up by a few QuickPro Advisor members.

Several participants have brought up difficulties substantiating donor taxes. Notifications of gratitude to donors must be created using an external app. Payroll amounts cannot be divided between classes (used for program tracking) or between customers or projects (used for grant tracking) for those who are currently using QuickBooks Payroll Online for payroll. Management of QuickBooks Online Subscriptions

QuickBooks Upgrade 2024 Prioritizes Data Protection

Please be aware that organizations can access a new subscription with our QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024 service. This implies that businesses that now use a desktop version of QuickBooks or that have an active retail subscription for the program need to move their data to this new subscription. Visit our QuickPro Advisor Online FAQ page and check under the heading “How do I import data from a QuickBooks desktop edition into QuickBooks Desktop Premier?” to begin learning how to move your data. Take into consideration using QuickPro Advisor Data Migration Support Services if you require further assistance moving your data to a new subscription.

Differential Accounting Items Businesses could be searching for QuickBooks substitutes that better meet their requirements. Even though we don’t currently have another accounting software product on our website, users are discussing their preferred accounting solutions in the QuickPro Advisor Community Forums. Visit the forums to view the tools that others have suggested and to post your own.

Making Knowledgeable Accounting Selections

We understand that charitable organizations that depend on Intuit desktop products could find these changes perplexing and troubling. Please feel free to contact our staff at Renuntus QuickPro Advisor if you have any concerns or need guidance on how your organization should move forward. Although we encourage you to contact Intuit directly, you can also send feedback on the modifications to this email address.

For numerous charity organizations, QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2024 is an excellent and adaptable accounting solution. Moreover, consider utilizing Migration Services to assist you in switching from the offline to the online version.

As we find out more and make any necessary program adjustments, we intend to update this material. You can contact us at reach us @quickproadvisor.us or come back to this site.

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