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What is a live webinar, and how to conduct a webinar?

Webinars are a great way to connect and share information on the internet, apart from productive discussions webinars hold a great potential for content creators and businesses like branding and viewer building.

It also helps develop a new stream of income as well as a source to celebrate their content with audiences across the globe.

If you are a content creator or a business personnel planning for a successful webinar but wondering what it would add up to your content creation,then you have made the right decision by reading this article, continue to know more.

What Is A Live Webinar?

A live webinar is a real-time streaming solution to conduct educational classes, courses, discussions on a specific topic or business presentation of a product, or discussions between two or multiple professionals.

Post-COVID live webinars are the go-to solution for most marketers, businesses, educators, YouTubers, and multistreaming platforms since it has raised the bar by providing multiple features to market their content.

What’s the best thing about live webinars?

Live webinars simplify the tasks of the host; Content creators can play around and present their valuable content in the most professional manner using live webinar features.

Some of the key benefits of live webinars are mentioned below,

Major Benefits Of Live Webinars

1.Cost cutting- On-place webinars cost a mammoth which includes location, travel, stationery, and others. whereas webinars cut short most of them by connecting people through the internet.

2.Marketing and business development- Webinars are a powerful way to market products to participants, as audiences can experience and question the product in real-time with the presenter.

3.Content development- Marketers, presenters, and business people can get real-time feedback, which is very valuable, helping them in future webinars.

Why top businesses use social media for webinars:

Social media sharing increases the viewership multifolds and makes it visible to more audiences. Promotions are handled by themselves since the platform is filled with different set audiences, increasing engagement.

Build New Audiences:

Social media platforms have more people than the actual world, and the time every individual spends on social media is increasing day by day. These platforms are a great source to build new audiences for your content worldwide.

Target Audiences:

For every business and content creator, the target audience is vital to selling their content; social media hashtags, groups, and communities help creators target the right audience.

Make Your Content Seen:

In the world of content creators, making yourself seen by the audience is challenging. Still, social media will help you be discoverable and seen by all means without any external marketing strategy.

Simple Guide To Plan Your Live Webinar Session:

Planning– Planning is like preparing a framework to bring out the best from the webinar session; follow the steps below to spark:

Choose the best multistreaming platform– if you choose the right one, almost 90% of your job gets handled by the platform itself.

Create a webinar setup– You don’t want to deal with technical issues in the middle of a webinar, right? Hire a professional camera and audio equipment to make your webinar great.

Announce your webinar- More than preparing content for your webinar, announce it to the world with creative posters so that you don’t end up with just you and your co-host.

Schedule a time– Scheduling the right time is essential while planning because although you have a convenient space, the right time will increase the viewership.

Start streaming: Stream it simultaneously on a multi-streaming platform so that you can analyze and stream accordingly.

How To Multi Stream Live Webinars:

Take action according to the plan mentioned above by choosing one of the best multistreaming platforms with essential features, pricing, customer support, and zero external software installations.

To ease up your task of finding the best multistreaming platform, we have mentioned the top most platform, OnTheFly.

OnTheFly is one of the best multistreaming platforms for multi-stream webinars. To multi-stream in OnTheFly, follow the steps below

1.First, Create an account for yourself on the OnTheFly platform

Click here to navigate to the platform-

2.Go to the studio and add branding titles to the live stream’s header/ footer or logos. This will help you market the brand.

3.You can also record the session for future use.

4.You will be redirected to a multi-stream link space where you must submit links to all the social media platform accounts you can access.

5.Once your audiences start to engage, Start streaming with just a click.


Conduct a Question-and-answer session with your audience to receive feedback.

Wrapping Up:

Sharing in a social environment for Live webinars makes things easy for content creators, Whereas multistreaming platforms will make it even easier if you invest in the right platform. Work on preparing and executing a plan correctly; then, you are ready for a successful webinar.

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