What Can Lead To Your Canada Study Visa Rejection? 

The controversy between India and Canada has frightened students. Now, students who are aiming to study in Canada are worried. Moreover, rumors are roaming around that this controversy can lead to visa rejection which can spoil the dreams of many students. Well, this is not going to happen because the prime minister of Canada has not made an official announcement regarding this. 

Yes, your Canada student visa can be rejected but only if you make some silly mistakes. If your file is lodged perfectly, your profile is good and your documents are genuine, you will surely get your visa. So, to help you do everything flawlessly, we have given some common reasons for Canada visa rejection that you must avoid. In addition, you can seek advice and assistance from Canada study visa consultants in Ludhiana to avoid these reasons that can otherwise lead to your visa rejection. 

What can lead to your Canada study visa rejection? 

Here are a few reasons that can result in your Canada study visa rejection:

Lack of English Language Proficiency

If you fail to achieve the minimum required scores in the English language proficiency test, it can lead to your Canada study visa rejection. Well, students who are applying for their visa after 11th August 2023 are lucky because the Canadian government has announced good news for international students. Now, you can apply for your Canada study visa with an overall 6 band score even though you have less than 6 in one or two modules. However, if you have an overall 5.5 or lower band score, it will directly lead to your visa refusal. Therefore, you need to work on your English language proficiency if you want to get your visa at the desired time. 

Improper Documentation 

If your documentation is not proper, it can also be the reason for your Canada study visa refusal. So, check your documents properly before submitting them. Moreover, make sure your documents are valid and genuine. If you try to submit fake documents, it will not only lead to visa rejection but will result in a ban for 5 years. Hence, you won’t be able to apply for your study visa for the next 5 years. Therefore, make sure to submit valid and authorized documents to avoid such cases. 

Financial Insufficiency

If you don’t have sufficient funds in your bank account, forget about the dream of studying in Canada. You must have enough funds to pay your tuition fee and GIC. In addition, you need to attach your bank statement as well to show that you also have funds to support your education and living costs for the next year. So, make sure to arrange your funds to avoid financial insufficiency in order to get your Canada study visa flawlessly. You can either apply for an education loan or seek help from your close relatives if your parents don’t have sufficient funds in their bank account. 

Lack of Family Ties

While applying for your Canada study visa, you need to submit an SOP(Statement of Purpose). In this SOP, you must mention everything clearly such as why you chose this college, why this course, your future goals and so on. However, the important thing is whether you will come back to your home country or not. Your family ties must be stated perfectly in your SOP. Otherwise, your Canada student visa will be refused. 

Choice of Program

The relevancy of the study program you choose matters a lot if you want to get your Canada study visa. So, be careful while choosing a study program and make sure to check its eligibility criteria and detailed curriculum to check whether it suits your educational background and career goals or not. Suppose, you are a science student and planning to pursue a business program in Canada, can you expect your visa approval? Of course not! So, relevancy matters the most. 

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Wrapping Up

So, if you don’t make these mistakes during your Canada study visa process, it will improve the chances of your visa refusal. So, be careful and all the very best. 

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