The Top 5 Time Tracking Apps with Screenshots for the Best Performance

The Top 5 Time Tracking Apps with Screenshots for the Best Performance

Here, we’ll look at some of the most dependable time-tracking programs for Windows that enable screenshots. All of these programs are reasonably priced and easily accessible.

Every firm must effectively manage its time if it is to operate. It frequently marks the thin divide between prosperous and unsuccessful organizations.

Talygen Time Tracking Software with Screenshots

Talygen is the best time-tracking application available, and it contains all the capabilities you require, so you can’t ignore it.

We’ll start with the ability to take screenshots because it does it automatically, regularly, or by the rules you put up.

Talygen tracks all computer activity, including downloaded apps and visited websites, so that’s just one element. Because Talygen is simple to install and use, it is the perfect answer for large businesses with over 1000 employees. As a time-clocking tool, this solution performs well and offers thorough feedback on the user’s competence at the end of the day.

Naturally, you can create precise budget forecasting for your endeavors with that accurate information. Instead of searching for your credit card, try this tool before committing to any financial commitments.

Here are some of Talygen’s key highlights:

  • Implementing project budgets with precision
  • Automatic snapshot capturing
  • Auto-clock-in and auto-clock-out
  • Tracking of every computer activity
  • Reporting in great detail with time calculations

Zoho Projects

Regardless of the project’s size, sector, or business type, Zoho Projects will provide you with all the tools you need to complete it.

The first benefit is the user-friendly interface with simple, contemporary options that make it simple to spot any potential workflow issues. Using its drag-and-drop feature, you can also add dependencies and reschedule tasks directly into the built-in Gantt charts. 

Of course, you may work on multiple projects at once and use already-existing templates or make new ones based on your requirements.

However, you also keep tabs on all of the time-based teams’ work, expenses, and milestones in your cloud-based dashboard for every one of them.

More importantly, Zoho Projects can be integrated with more than 12 other Zoho-related products and apps from Google, Microsoft, and other companies.

Here are a few of its greatest qualities:

  • Dashboard hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere in the globe using any device
  • Outstanding selection of editable Gantt chart templates
  • Drag-and-drop capabilities
  • Logical color coding
  • Features for collaboration and notifications


Most people agree that DeskTime is the finest Hubstaff substitute. The majority of its users think it is the top-time tracking program available.

The software offers extensive compatibility with desktop and laptop operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS.

DeskTime is also made to give companies complete access to the activities of their workers while they are at work.

Team leaders may readily track the progress of their team members as well as the time spent on individual projects thanks to the software’s dynamic, customized dashboard.

This would motivate all teams to focus and closely adhere to their deadlines.


For Windows, there is a flexible time-tracking program called Hubstaff. It is designed to help your company manage its time effectively and make sure you reach your peak production on schedule.

The program is a web-based platform that works with almost every operating system. Additionally, there is specialized support for Windows and various other OS.

The features of Hubstaff go beyond time monitoring; they include tracking employee progress and creating payment invoices based on logged time.

In light of this, Hubstaff is a crucial tool for independent contractors and company owners whose employees work from home.

Time Doctor

A time tracking tool with near-perfect time management features is called Time Doctor.

The software is adaptably designed to work with different devices, including desktop and mobile computers running Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as Android and iOS.

Time Doctor gives you, the employer, a way to obtain screenshots of all employees’ activity to promote transparency, especially for remote or off-site workers.

You may monitor the development of the project and the amount of time spent in real-time in this way.

You will gain from the following salient characteristics:

  • Streamlined timekeeping
  • Monitoring of URL activity and GPS position
  • Analysis of productivity
  • Data protection


Time management is undoubtedly one of the major forces behind growth in every industry, particularly service-related industries.

However, excellent man-hour is sometimes wasted on menial jobs that don’t significantly advance a business.

Time tracking systems were developed to overcome this shortcoming and boost business productivity and efficiency.

We have quickly examined five of the most popular time-monitoring programs for Windows in this article. So, if you’re in need, the tools mentioned above are the ones we propose.

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