Kitsmoke: The Best Vape Store in North Vancouver

Kitsmoke: The Best Vape Store in North Vancouver

Owing to the high competition in the vape industry, when you search for the best vape store in North Vancouver, you will find countless options. Numerous vape shops around you are selling different types of vape products. With so many options available, it becomes an arduous task for you to find the best vape store to get your favourite vapes. If you are a newbie in the vape Vancouver industry and have reached here to know some key characteristics of the best vape store, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will share some of the key features of the best vape store that will help you locate the best vape store near you. So let’s dive into this blog.

Key features of a good vape store 

There are many key features that good vape stores have in common. But to be honest, what may work for some may not work for others, but there are certainly some common qualities that can be found across the board. Have a look at these features of the best vape shop.

Having a niche

Just like a specialised doctor gets paid more than a general practitioner, a vape shop that focuses on a single niche can become the best vape store in North Vancouver for you. For instance, if you are a newbie smoker, a vape shop that focuses only on a new vaper and provides you with an entry-level pod system and a wide range of vape juice could be a good vape store for you. Likewise, consider the exact opposite: a vape shop that only caters to hard-core hobbyists by providing the latest boxes, mods, RDAs, RTAs, batteries, etc. to them. A good vape store in North Vancouver often conducts workshops where its staff teaches people how to make their coils and prepare their own customised juices or pod systems. This can all turn into a recipe for a good vape store.

Having a good first impression

“How a vape store looks,” tells the entire story about it, particularly about its services and products. Moreover, when you go to buy vape products from a shop, the first thing you notice as a buyer is the appearance of the store. From the first impression of a well-recognised vape store in North Vancouver, you would judge its services and products. A shop with an attractive interior design and designated sections for all vaping products leaves a good first impression on buyers. When a buyer goes shopping at this vape store, he will easily find his desired vaping product. When a person gets a bad first impression of any shop he will surely not visit this shop again. Thus, the best vape shop always possesses a good first impression.

Providing good customer service at a vape store in North Vancouver

Providing the best customer service to its buyers is the priority of a good vape store in North Vancouver. Every customer is not an experienced vaper, so he needs guidance whether buying vape products or initiating his first vaping. A good vape store provides its customers with the best services from the initial to the final steps. Furthermore, this customer service is crucial for an online vape store where customers need assistance with everything from tracking orders to refund and exchange policies. So, if you are looking for a good vape store in North Vancouver, first check its customer service. 

Keeping an incredible inventory

Selecting the right inventory is an art. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to figure out which is the winning product that compels the customers to come back to the shop for more. However, the availability of various products in the vape shop is one of the key characteristics of a good vape store in North Vancouver. A vape shop should be stocked with everything that customers desire to fulfil their smoking needs. In addition to this, a good vape shop should offer services that adapt to customers changing needs. For instance, if a customer demands low-nicotine e-liquid, then the shop owner has to make sure that such products are available at his shop. Moreover, a good vape shop never overstocks its inventory. The owner of the vape shop knows exactly how much inventory they need to make a profit every month.

Locating a great location

One of the great characteristics of a vape shop is that it opens in a good location. The vape shop that is located in the prime location has greater chances of providing excellent customer service as it is in a market full of competition. To stay at the top of this competition, a good vape shop always provides its best services to customers.

Having trained staff

As we have mentioned above, good customer service is an imperative feature of a good vape shop. But this can only be accomplished with skilled, professional, and trained staff. Only a good staff can provide excellent customer care service to its buyers. In other words, the success of the vape shop dramatically depends on the training of the team. This training usually includes teaching staff customer service skills and knowledge of all the devices, juices, and accessories that are being sold at the shop. If the staff of the vape shop is highly trained and skilled, then ultimately the chances of the shop’s success increase. 


Although key features are different for every shop, here we have mentioned some of the best qualities of the vape store in North Vancouver that are in common. From having a niche to having trained staff, these key features of the vape shop can help the owner of the shop to succeed.

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