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How Perform Work Website Design in Abu Dhabi?

There seems to be more Website Design in Abu Dhabi being launched daily on the Web, making it harder and harder for individuals to stand out among such an abundance.

Unfortunately for us designers, not everyone seems to understand what makes or breaks Website Design in Abu Dhabi. Granted, web design is more art than science; nonetheless it still needs rules applied. By following some basic pointers, anyone should be able to craft visually pleasing designs and take one step closer towards becoming famous – not that talent and experience don’t play their parts; anyone can turn their home page into something prettier within minutes!

Balance your design

Balance in design refers to maintaining equilibrium within the design by making sure neither side tips over. Think of it like weight distribution when trying to achieve either symmetry or asymmetry in an arrangement.

Look at Khoi Vinh’s Subtraction website below; I took this example from The Principles of Beautiful Web Design by Jason Beaird and noticed how the dog makes up for visual weight added by hiding the cross on the right with your hand – something small but not insignificant! See it yourself by hiding the cross yourself!

Balance is all about striking an asymmetrical balance; without it, designs quickly become unbalanced. There are various ways you can manipulate visual weight of designs – color, size or adding or removing elements can change its visual weight significantly; for instance if you make the cross a vibrant orange, its weight would likely shift further out of balance and throw the layout off balance again. Achieve an asymmetrical balance is an especially delicate matter that requires time, dedication and an experienced eye to achieve successfully.

Use grids to divide up your design into sections.

Grids and balance are inextricably linked. A grid is simply a set of horizontal and vertical rulers used to “compartmentalize” your design into sections; columns serve this function by making text more digestible; while spacing using the Rule of Thirds or similar Golden Ratio makes everything less eye-straining.

Rule of Thirds and Golden Ratio are responsible for sidebars being approximately one third of the width of a page, and why the main content area equals roughly 1.62 of its design width divided by 1.62 (phi in mathematics). We won’t go into more detail as to why this occurs in practice, but it seems to hold true. Professional photos often place subjects near an imaginary nine-square grid (three by three, with two horizontal and two vertical lines).

Grid designs work especially well when applied to minimalist concepts.

Select two or three base colors at most for your design.

Would changing The First Twenty website from red to lime green work? Probably not; since they do not belong to the same color palette (and lime green isn’t always easy to work with). Color Lovers exists for a reason – you cannot just pick colors at random without considering their relationships or implications; some combinations work better together while others do not; there are theories regarding monochrome and contrast schemes, but having an instinctual feel is sometimes all you need!

Discover for yourself which color combinations work well together by studying as many website designs, such as those featured on any of the CSS showcase websites (such as Best Web Gallery), to gain an idea of how colors interact. When picking two or three base colors for your design, add tints (which are lighter versions mixed with white) or shades (darker versions mixed with black) of them to expand upon your palette as necessary.

An important goal should be to ensure the graphics work seamlessly together.

No need for fancy graphics in great design; but lacking them can hinder it considerably. Graphics add visual impact; for instance, websites such as Web Design Agency in Dubai feature striking illustrations while others remain more subdued.

Tim van Damme employs only a select few graphics on his Max Voltar website, yet uses each with great care and consideration. A non-intrusive background image and elegant crown are among the few, though none is overly noticeable visually; all are intended to add to the overall feel and look of his website and none is out of place. Max Voltar has featured various designs over time; but for two months when this one was online, I found it particularly striking and one of my favorite.

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