Global Oatmeal Market, Size, Share, Growth and Key players | Forecast 2023-2028 | Renub Research

Global Oatmeal Market, Size, Share, Growth and Key players | Forecast 2023-2028 | Renub Research

Global Oatmeal Market is projected to develop US$ 11.58 Billion by using 2028, according to Renub Research. Oatmeal, additionally called white oats, or porridge, is traditionally a hot cereal prepared from oats after de-husking, steaming, and flattening them. Removing the husk of the entire grain seed produces oat groats which can be extensively utilized for oatmeal. The ground oats are normally prepared with milk or hot water to present the oats an easy consistency. They are termed as oatmeal due to the fact they’re received from the grains of the oat plant. The rising fashion of leading a wholesome way of life all through the current pandemic has created more than one possibility for the growth of the Oatmeal market. The millennial era is fitness-aware and is in constant search of meals objects which are nutritious and low-priced. The nutritional fee of oats is excessive as it incorporates essential nutrients and minerals. Oats comprise fibre and reduce levels of cholesterol. These elements have expanded the demand for oats and oat-based totally products. The millennial select an oat-based totally food plans to keep a wholesome lifestyle.

The inclination of the new technology toward fitness cognizance and fitness has contributed to the growth of the oatmeal market. The intake of entire grains lowers the danger of cardiovascular illnesses and offers high-price nutrients. Rapid urbanization and the growing craze for health a number of the millennial may be a sport-changer for the boom of the oats marketplace. The boom in the use of oats in animal feed due to their soluble fibre content material has gained the attention of customers. These elements may additionally generate mammoth boom opportunities for the oatmeal market. The developing popularity of oatmeal as a day by day breakfast has caused a new variety of oat-based merchandise. The meals variety, together with oat-based totally protein bars and bakery items, are warm selling gadgets inside the meals enterprise. The unique variations within the oat-primarily based merchandise may additionally generate huge growth possibilities for the oats market. Global Oatmeal Market is projected to enjoy a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 3.77 % among 2022 and 2028.

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As oatmeal continues to set up itself as a nutritional staple, the EU oatmeal consumption enterprise remains poised for sustained expansion.

The oatmeal Consumption industry in the European Union (EU) has witnessed an incredible surge in current years, pushed by evolving client choices in the direction of more healthy eating behaviour. Oatmeal, known for its nutritional price and flexibility, has won prominence as a handy and healthful breakfast option. The EU’s recognition on selling balanced diets and sustainable meals alternatives has similarly fuelled the boom of this industry. Oatmeal’s natural attributes, which includes fibre-rich content and coronary heart-healthful blessings, align well with the health-conscious mind-set of EU consumers.

Consuming Country – Global Oatmeal Market breakup by 17 Country


  1. Argentina
  2. Australia
  3. Belarus
  4. Brazil
  5. Canada
  6. Chile
  7. China
  8. European Union
  9. Kazakhstan
  10. Mexico
  11. Norway
  12. Russia
  13. Turkey
  14. Ukraine
  15. United Kingdom
  16. United States
  17. Others


Canada oatmeal production is set for fast boom due to rising demand for healthy alternatives, favourable weather, and sustainable practices globally.

Canada oatmeal manufacturing volume is poised to experience unprecedented growth within the coming years. Fuelled by growing global demand for healthful and nutritious meals alternatives, Canadian oatmeal stands out as a key participant within the international marketplace. The country favourable weather and fertile soil provide ideal situations for oat cultivation, making sure first rate yields. With oatmeal gaining popularity as a versatile and nutrient-wealthy breakfast preference, Canadian manufacturers are actively innovating to cater to evolving patron alternatives. Furthermore, the emphasis on sustainable agriculture aligns with Canada commitment to responsible production practices. As customers worldwide are trying to find wholesome options, Canada’s oatmeal manufacturing is about to thrive, solidifying its position as a main contributor to the worldwide oatmeal enterprise rapid enlargement.


Producing Country – Volume breakup by 17 Country

  1. Algeria
  2. Argentina
  3. Australia
  4. Belarus
  5. Brazil
  6. Canada
  7. Chile
  8. China
  9. European Union
  10. Kazakhstan
  11. Norway
  12. Russia
  13. Turkey
  14. Ukraine
  15. United Kingdom
  16. United States
  17. Others



The United States will preserve its oatmeal import management, pushed by strong consumer demand for health-conscious picks and a nicely-installed market infrastructure.

The United States is placed to maintain its dominant stance in oatmeal extent imports. With a steadfast preference for oat-based totally products and a developing health-conscious population, the demand for oatmeal remains strong. The USA diverse customer base, which includes those searching for handy breakfast selections and nutritional alternatives, propels this fashion. Additionally, American set up distribution networks and market infrastructure offer a competitive advantage, permitting green import tactics. The persisted emphasis on health and health, coupled with the versatility of oatmeal in numerous culinary applications, ensures the US enduring position as a top oatmeal importer. Despite evolving market dynamics, the USA sustained management in oatmeal imports underscores its importance inside the global oat industry panorama.

Importing Country – Volume breakup by 15 Country


  1. Canada
  2. Chile
  3. China
  4. European Union
  5. India
  6. Japan
  7. Korea South
  8. Malaysia
  9. Mexico
  10. Norway
  11. Peru
  12. Switzerland
  13. United Kingdom
  14. United States
  15. Others


Russia prepares to guide oatmeal exports with sturdy agricultural prowess, poised to capture an enormous worldwide market share because of increasing fitness-conscious demand.

Russia is poised to come to be an extensive participant in oatmeal exports, leveraging its robust agricultural sector for international market dominance. With substantial arable land and favourable climate, Russia oat production is primed for growth. This, blended with the increasing global demand for wholesome meals options, presents a strategic advantage. The Country of as strategic consciousness on agricultural innovation and manufacturing efficiency similarly strengthens its export competencies. As consumers are seeking nutritious options, Russia oatmeal exports are positioned to seize a sizable marketplace proportion. By harnessing its agricultural electricity and aligning with fitness-conscious tendencies, Russia is set to stable a commanding presence in the international oatmeal marketplace, riding monetary increase and worldwide change members of the family.

Exporting Country – Volume breakup by 9 Country

  1. Australia
  2. Brazil
  3. Canada
  4. Chile
  5. European Union
  6. Russia
  7. United Kingdom
  8. United States
  9. Others


Key Player

The international oatmeal marketplace’s key players include Hain Celestial, B&G Foods, General Mills, Nestle SA, Kellogg, Quaker Oats (PepsiCo), and Post Holdings Inc.

All the company analysis has been covered in the report from 3 viewpoints


  • Overview
  • Initiatives & Recent Developments
  • Revenue


Company Analysis

  1. Hain Celestrial
  2. B&G Foods
  3. General Mills
  4. Nestle SA
  5. Kellogg
  6. Quaker Oats (PepsiCo)
  7. Post Holding Inc


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