Delivery Error: Delivery Server Down

Do This if You Find the Delivery Error: Delivery Server Down

QuickBooks Online is an accounting software that can be portably accessed using a web browser and works in real-time. However, a Delivery Error: Delivery Server Down can sometimes trouble the user while sending invoices or sales forms through email. If your QBO also gets affected by this error, read this complete blog to find out the causes and accurate solutions to tackle the error.

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Why does Delivery Error: Delivery Server Down in QB Stop you from Sending Invoices?

You’ll come across this error when you try sending the sales record or invoice to a customer using email. The potential reasons for the development of this QuickBooks Online error on your PC are discussed below-

  • The email may fail to deliver if your company email format is incorrect or contains invalid attachments.
  • You haven’t arranged the invoice in the correct format needed to send it through QuickBooks.
  • Network Connectivity issues can also block QuickBooks Online from sending the emails directly.

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Solutions you Must Try to Fix Delivery Server Error in QuickBooks

You’ll keep running into this error message while sending an invoice through email until you resolve the issue from your PC. Some of the most effective methods against this error are mentioned below in detail-

Solution 1- Ensure the email address format is correct 

You mainly run into this error message while sending a sales form or while sending an invoice to the customer through email. This can happen due to an invalid attachment or incorrect format of the email address. Your company email and the customer-facing email columns have the correct data and do not have any prefixes before their name. You must arrange the email format as supported by QuickBooks Online to prevent errors while sending emails. Use the following steps to remove delivery error when trying to send sales form-

  1. Click the Settings option on your QuickBooks Online and select Account and Settings.
  2. Select the Company option and click the Contact Info option.
  3. Check your customer-facing and company email and ensure they do not have any prefixed before their names.

After you ensure that the format of your company and customer-facing email is correct, check the format of the location entered in the sales form. Refer to these steps-

  1. Go to the Settings option on your QBO again and click All Lists.
  2. Tap Locations and search for the location mentioned in the invoice.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow in the Action section and click Edit.
  4. Go to the ‘This location has a different email address for communicating with customers’ field and change the email address according to the requirements.
  5. Tap the Save option and try to send the sales form/invoice again using the email.

If the error message stops you again, you can resolve the QBO error with the following solution.

Solution 2- Ensure the invoice is in the correct format 

This error can also develop due to an incorrect invoice format or the attachment settings aren’t configured. Go to the invoice that failed to deliver and ensure it doesn’t have special characters like !, @, $, #, etc., in the description, attachment, message, Custom form templates, or the email address.


This blog explains why Delivery Error: Delivery Server Down appears while sending invoices or sales forms. The methods to tackle the QBO error are also mentioned in the blog, and we hope you use them to eliminate the issue from your computer.

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