Do Females Prefer Length Or Width?

Do Females Prefer Length Or Width?

A good sexual life can surely make things better. But many men get under the pressure of satisfying their partner, so they mess things up. There have been a lot of questions about penis size and width. Men generally get conscious about the same at some point in time. So, you might have already thought about your partner, whether she likes the length or the width. Irrespective of the choice, the end result would be highly satisfactory.

But what do women prefer, and do they actually think about it? Well, no doubt women have got their own preferences, but does she actually prefer a certain thing to men? The questions can make things highly complicated. Believe it or not, problems in bed can actually destroy the happiest relationship to use Sildamax 100mg. Instead of worrying about the same, focusing on that moment will be better for enjoying the time.

While if you are hoping to put an end to your misery, then the guide here will help you know the truth. It will help you understand the essentials and know if your partner actually cares about your penis length or width.

Average penis size

Before you actually get to the answer, you must understand the average penis size. The studies have stated that the average penis size can be about 5 inches long and will have a circumference of 4.5 inches. This is much more than what men imagine as average penis size.

Many men have got a false misconception that a large penis size would be satisfying and adequate for the partner, but this is not true. Research states that about 1 in every 20 men has a penis size that is longer than 6.5 inches. So, there is a major chance that you fall into the normal category. If your penis is not getting enough size and not able to get proper erection at bad time you must try Cenforceand Fildena for batter experience.

Understanding the difference between length and the girth size

There are studies about the sexual psychology of men’s and women’s health. It has been concluded that girth is a major factor than length. About every eight women in 10 have preferred a man who has a thicker penis over a man who has a longer one.

Now, as the woman’s vagina can be shallow, a thicker penis will be better for stimulating the clitoris. The vagina can only be about 4 inches or less. So, the penis that is thicker will give her great stimulation.

Researchers have stated that women generally prefer a wider penis of about 5 inches when she is up for a one-night stand. However, when she is looking for a long-term relationship, then a girth of 4.8 inches is highly preferable. But it is quite evident that girth is of more importance than length.

Women prefer a penis that is close to the average size. This answers the question that you need to have a big package to leave her satisfied. Now you need to leave behind the idea of having a larger penis to give your partner satisfaction. There are techniques that will be helpful to achieve the best.

Why is penis girth important?

The clitoris is present in the internal of the vagina. It is made up of erectile tissues which surround the vertex and the vaginal interior. When the woman is aroused, the tissue flows with blood. This is a lot similar to the case that happens with a penis.

When the tissues around the interior vaginal wall are stimulated, it will be a fun experience. Herein penis applies pressure to the erectile tissue, which helps stimulate the clitoris. So the women experience pleasure. It is thus clear why women prefer girth. After all, it will give her more stimulation.

Now, as the penis keeps on moving in and out, the clitoris structure will also be moved and stimulated. This will allow the woman to reach an orgasm without actually touching the clitoris head. Thus, a penis that has better girth will be more stimulating than the longer one.

An average vagina can be a few inches deep, which elongates during arousal. But in most of those, the nerves inside the clitoral tissue results in better exercise. Generally, women want a larger penis for one nightstand as they are not looking for something long-term. But when she wishes to have a partner for a lifetime, then she surely will prefer the girth. After all, it will give her better stimulation and more fun.

Besides, you must know that girth generally is preferred by women because the penis length actually can sometimes hurt as there isn’t anything present deep inside the vagina that requires arousal. But a fat penis surely will touch the corners and the vaginal lips where it is the most sensitive there will be better arousal.

Now, even if you have 7 inches of the penis but have less than average girth, it will be of no use as your partner won’t be able to enjoy the sexual satisfaction she requires.

It is important to know that most women have got above-average penis sizes. So instead of worrying about the same, it will be helpful if you stay in the moment and enjoy the time with your partner.

Women have long been inclined towards the width of the penis to enjoy a better stimulation and sexual experience. But remember, not everyone is blessed with the same. This is why understanding the strategies and use Vidalista will be helpful to have a good sexual experience while satisfying your partner.

Now, if you have got a penis that is thicker or wider, then it will be quite attractive to your partner. But even if you have got a longer penis, you just need to know how to create a sense of pressure so that you can give your partner a great deal of pleasure.


In contrast to the popular misconception that women prefer length, it is actually all about the dimension or the girth. When you have got better girth, then it will give your partner a great experience. In fact, you will have a better relationship when you are confident and able to use your penis the right way.

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