There are Seven Wonders of the World. They are a group of places around the globe that are considered to be of great importance. You will be shocked to know that The Great Himalayas are not one of them. It is because Himalayas is a wonderland itself. The Himalayas is a land of uncountable wonders. Every-time you visit it unfolds a different wonder. 

Brahmatal Trek, is one of those wonderland in The Himalayas you can visit. It is a perfect place for someone seeking an escape from the city rush. It is a perfect wonderland you can visit to live your fantasy. 


Brahmatal Trek is present in the state of mountains, Uttarakhand. The trek follows a round trail which starts and ends at Lohajung. The Brahmatal trek takes us to an altitude of up to 22,000ft right in the wonderland of The Himalayas. The Base Camp at Lohajung itself is located at an altitude of 7,000ft. The trek discovers splendid natural phenomena like the sight of the frozen lake, rivers along the path, vast stretches of snow-covered meadows, and the wonderful Himalayan peaks. The best time to visit Brahmatal Lake is the winter season. The Brahmatal peaks are covered with snow from Mid-december to mid-march. The snow-covered mountains appear like scenes of the heaven. The whole trip unfolds in six days and five nights. Every-day in the trip brings us face to face to a different fantasy in the wonderland. It is one of the easy treks, but need a good fitness level. A previous trekking experience is more appreciated to participate in this trek.

The Brahmatal trek is filled with gradual incline, slopes, rhododendron trees, oak tree forests and phenomenal views, which will knock the breath out of anyone. 

How to reach?

You can start the journey from Kathgodam, Rishikesh, Haridwar, or Dehradun. BanBanjara transportation facility is available from all of these given places.

There are various pick-up services from Kathagodam Railway station or Kathgodam Bus stand early in the morning. From the Kathgodam a long drive of 213km is completed in 9 hours, with breaks in between. The drive runs parallel to river Kosi and Pindar, sighting the wonderful scenery view of mountains, rivers and sprawling forest of Oak and Fir. The drive passes by the scenic hill-stations of Almora and Kausani. 

The Trek to Wonderland 

From Kathgodam the trek heads to Lohajung base camp at night. The Lohajung contains the majestic view of The Nanda Ghunti peak. Next day, early in the morning the trek starts from lohajung towards the Bekaltal. The trek is about 7-8 km long and takes 5 hours to complete. 

The trek contains well-defined trails with a gradual incline.  

The next stoppage is the Brahmatal Lake. Brahmatal Lake is said to be the lake of the Hindu God ‘Lord Brahma’. The lake amidst the mountains with the oak trees in the surrounding feels like a imaginary place. In winters, the lake is completely camouflaged by the snow, the lake completely merges with its surroundings. 

The next day the trek passes through a path of magnificent mountain ridge, with sloping valleys across Chota Jhandidar and Bada Jhandidar. The trek is headed to the Brahmatal summit and take about two hours to reach the top. 

After reaching the top we trek to Daldum. Daldum is the last destination of the Brahmatal trek. After Daldum the trek returns back to Lohajung and from Lohajung a drive to Kathgodam completes the six days trip. 

BanBanjara a platform which lets us discover this beautiful trek provides a package of options for the trip.

 The package options we can select are: 

  • Brahmatal Winter Trek Without Transport – The price range is INR 5700 for adults and INR 6700 for children. The inclusions in the package are camping, trekking, meals and guide.
  • Brahmatal Trek with Transport – The price range is INR 7700 for adults and INR 7990 for children. The extra inclusion in this package is transport from Kathgodam, Rishikesh, Haridwar, or Dehradun. 

Itinerary for Brahmatal Trek Package

  • Day1: A drive from Kathgodam to Lohajung base camp (213km drive)
  • Day2: The trek from Lohajung base camp to Bekaltal (8km trek)
  • Day3: From bekaltal to brahmatal (7km trek)
  • Day4: Trek to Daldun (5-6km trek)
  • Day5: Trek back to Lohajung (4km trek)
  • Day6: Drive from Lohajung to Kathgodam (213km drive)

Anybody looking for a winter vacation or adventure must try the Brahmatal Trek once. The adventure of winter wonderland in The Himalayas.  

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