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Birmingham AL Home Inspections: How to Prepare Your Property for the Inspection


You’ve made an offer on a house in Birmingham and now it’s time for the home inspection. This important step allows a licensed professional to thoroughly evaluate the home’s major systems and components to uncover any issues or defects. While the inspector will be doing a comprehensive assessment, there are several things you as the homebuyer can do to prepare the property and make the inspection process smoother. Follow this complete checklist to get your home inspection Birmingham AL home ready for the inspection. Also Read: Sevierville vacation rental property management

Clear Access to All Areas:

Ensuring easy access to every part of the house will save time and allow the inspector to do a more thorough job. Unlock any locked doors and clear a pathway through cluttered areas. This includes:

  • Attic access – Use a ladder to reach the attic door and make sure the opening is unobstructed. Turn on the attic light if there is one.
  • Crawl space access – Remove any boxes or debris covering the crawl space entry.
  • Garage – Move vehicles, freestanding storage shelves, and other items away from walls, doors, windows, and the garage door path.
  • Outbuildings – Unlock and open sheds, detached garages, pool houses, etc. for inspection.
  • Yard/Grounds – Cut back overgrown vegetation that may be blocking views or access to exterior walls, A/C units, electrical panels, gates/fences, etc. Secure pets.Also Read: Sevierville property management company

Prepare Mechanical Systems:

Your home inspector will be thoroughly testing and examining the home’s systems. Help facilitate this process by:

  • HVAC system – Replace air filters, turn on system power, and clear debris around outdoor units.
  • Water heater – Turn on power to electric water heaters, light pilot on gas models, shut off water heater vacation switch.
  • Sprinklers/irrigation – Activate zones and inspect for leaks; mark any underground piping.
  • Pool/spa – Turn on the system power, sweep debris from the cover, and have chemicals balanced.
  • permanently installed generators – Make sure generators have fuel and test operation.
  • Radon vent pipes – Confirm PVC pipes from sump pumps, passive systems are attached and run to the exterior.
  • Security system – Provide codes and instructions for deactivating/reactivating the system.

Facilitate Appliance Inspections:

The inspector will assess built-in kitchen appliances along with laundry, HVAC equipment, pool equipment, outdoor kitchens, and more. To expedite appliance checks:

  • Shut off energy-saving timer features on appliances.
  • Make sure appliances are plugged in.
  • Clear counters of small appliances so built-in can be opened/accessed.
  • Ensure sinks, tubs, and laundry hookups have water supply.
  • Briefly run self-clean mode on ovens so the inspector can view functionality.
  • Disconnect/reconnect quickly if needed.
  • Remove towels or other items covering laundry machines.

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Check Plumbing & Electric:

While the inspector will conduct thorough testing, you can help by:

  • Ensuring hot/cold water runs properly at all fixtures.
  • Flushing toilets to confirm proper operation.
  • Running laundry wash cycle to check for leaks.
  • Testing garage door opener functionality.
  • Turning on all interior and exterior lighting plus outlets.
  • Identifying any known electrical issues like flickering lights.

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Make Cosmetic Fixes:

While an inspection focuses on systems/functions, do a walk-through looking for minor flaws that you can quickly remedy:

  • Caulk around tubs/showers if needed.
  • Patch small holes in screens.
  • Fix leaky faucets/showerheads.
  • Replace burned-out light bulbs.
  • Fix sticking doors.
  • Paint over crayon/marker marks.
  • Secure loose railings.
  • Clean recent stains on carpeting/smudges on walls.

Declutter Interiors:

An excess of furniture or personal items can impede the inspection—especially in closets and utility rooms. To prepare:

  • Clear routes through rooms and corridors.
  • Remove clutter from closets, allowing doors to fully open.
  • Clean out under bathroom vanities so plumbing is visible.
  • Vacate pantries, and mechanical rooms so the inspector can fully enter.
  • Put away personal photos and valuables.

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Outdoor Prep:

Your yard and exterior will be under scrutiny as well, so:

  • Clear debris from window wells and exterior foundation vents.
  • Trim back vegetation touching house siding.
  • Clean out rain gutters.
  • Ensure the inspector can access gates, sheds, and electrical panels.
  • Contain pets indoors or away from the home exterior.


A properly prepared home allows inspectors to do their job more efficiently and accurately. Follow this home inspection checklist and you’ll have your Birmingham property ready for a smooth inspection process. Taking steps to declutter, unlock access, ready appliances, and make minor repairs means fewer surprises down the road. With your house in move-in condition, you can feel confident entering the transaction.

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