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Bajaj CT 110 X with 8 Exciting New Features Launched in India

Bajaj Auto’s CT range of mileage bikes used to consist of the CT 100 and the CT 110. Low market demand stalled the production of the CT 100. On the other hand, the humble CT 110 received a repositioning from the OEM. The CT 110 is now marketed as the CT 110 X. The ex-showroom Bajaj CT 100 price is Rs. 67,558. Bajaj offers the CT 110 X in a single trim and three enticing colour options.

The average motorcyclist and experts have always hailed Bajaj bikes in India as durable and reliable. The CT 110 X is no different. The latest iteration of the rural market-focused fuel-efficient commuter bike feels fresh, rugged and worth its MSRP! Unlike rival motorcycles with 110 CC engines, the CT 110 X entails a dry weight of just 127 kg. 

Motorcyclists with a strong preference for a long wheelbase have always shown inclination towards the CT 110. Bajaj Auto engineers made sure that this desirable attribute was left untouched. The long wheelbase allows the CT 110 X to come from the factory with a wide, long, spacious single-piece seat that can easily accommodate three adults.

Bajaj Auto has also equipped the CT 110 X with eight attractive features to sweeten the deal. They are as follows:


Bajaj repositioned the CT 110 to have customers renew their interest in it. The latest iteration of the motorcycle has received an array of styling updates. One is the reworked headlamp cowl, which now has an integrated LED DRL.

OEM Handlebar Braces

The CT 110 X comes with a plethora of purposeful styling elements. OEM-equipped handlebar braces are part of the standard packaging of the bike.

OEM Engine and Sump Protection

The sturdy metallic guards installed from the factory protect the motorcycle’s sump and engine.

OEM Luggage Rack

The CT 110 X comes equipped from the factory with a metallic luggage rack installed at the back of the bike. The maximum load-carrying capacity of the luggage rack is 7 KG.

Dual Pillion Footrests

The bike has two pillion footrests, ensuring the occasional second pillion rider can safely rest their feet.

Best-in-Class Engine and Transmission

Even though the CT 110 X is marketed as a 110 CC motorcycle, the bike is powered by a 115 cc, single-cylinder, fuel-injected, air-cooled, BS6-compliant engine. A 115 CC engine allows the CT 110 to offer best-in-class power and torque outputs. To put things into perspective, this engine’s peak power and torque outputs are 8.48 bhp and 9.81 Nm, respectively. Also, the engine is mated to a 4-speed transmission and a wet multi-plate clutch. A 5-speed transmission would have been the best fit as that would have helped reduce engine vibrations, especially when the bike cruises at 100+ KMPH.

Reworked Suspensions and Rear Swing Arm

The CT 110 X rides on reworked suspensions, the reinforced rear swingarm being a highlight. Bajaj has increased the travel factors of the bike’s front and rear suspensions. The outcome of these changes is that the bike remains stable on undulation-riddled rural roads. The increased front and rear suspension travel factor ensures that the CT 110 X would not lose traction at cruising speeds, especially when the bike hits a pothole.

Purpose-built Chassis

The CT 110 X is built around a reworked chassis, which helps keep the bike stable on straight lines, corners and during overtakes.

Should One Buy the Bajaj CT 110?

Yes, one should buy the CT 110 X especially if they have recently learnt how to ride a motorcycle. The low dry weight of the CT 110 allows one to ride this motorcycle without subjecting their legs to excessive stress. Furthermore, the bike’s low MSRP and running costs make it perfect for riders who cannot afford a motorcycle that demands frequent bouts of expensive maintenance sessions.

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