Will I no longer feel hungry after gastric sleeve surgery?

Will I no longer feel hungry after gastric sleeve surgery? 

After undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in Islamabad, some individuals may feel the loss of appetite. This surgery involves some changes in the digestive system. After this treatment, The body has to undergo several hormonal and biochemical changes that affect appetite and taste. These changes raise numerous concerns. Some people also wonder whether they will feel hungry. We will try to address this concern in this blog.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery: Introduction

Excess fat and obesity make people tedious and lower their mobility and motivation to enjoy life. Additionally, the accumulation of excess fat can lead to several chronic medical conditions. The medical field has introduced several treatment procedures that can effectively address excess fat or obesity. Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the weight loss procedures. Also known as gastrectomy, this procedure involves reducing the size of the stomach to shed excess weight.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Islamabad: Benefits

  • This is one of the most practiced weight loss procedures 
  • This procedure removed a portion of the stomach, reducing its size and thus limiting hunger and food intake
  • This treatment also deals with obesity-related health issues and improves mobility
  • People who undergo this treatment can maintain their desired weight for a longer period
  • This procedure has a limited downtime  
  • After undergoing this treatment, people try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep themselves healthy and fit.

Gastrectomy: Procedure

Local anesthesia is used to perform this surgery to make the procedure feasible and comfortable for the patient. After administering anesthesia, small incisions are made in the body’s abdominal area to insert a camera and other surgical instruments. A large stomach area is made functionless or removed from the mainstream. The remaining stomach is small and sleeve-shaped, which can hold quite less amount of food than before. Following this, incisions are closed with surgical tape or stitches.

Will I No Longer Feel Hungry After Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

This treatment brings notable changes in our body. It reduces hunger by removing a significant part of the stomach. This decreases appetite. This surgery does not eliminate the sensation of hunger but reduces it. People can experience fullness after eating quite less than their normal routine. This immediate change makes them feel that they have lost their hunger. Furthermore, gastric sleeve surgery in Islamabad can disturb communication between the brain and the stomach, disturbing sensations. It does not mean you will not feel hungry. These are temporary, and you will observe your hunger sensation after some time.

Will I Ever Enjoy Food Again After This Treatment?

In the first place, this question should not worry you. The truth is this surgical treatment does not eliminate your appetite, but it is performed to reduce the sensation of hunger. It reduces that sense, not removes it altogether. So, you can enjoy your desired food with the same temptation. This surgical treatment does not disturb your taste buds, and if you undergo this procedure, you can still savor your desired flavors and foods and get satisfaction from eating.

Side Effects:

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Dumping syndrome
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Hair loss
  • Sagging skin

Aftercare Instructions:

  • Rely on soft foods for a few days, then gradually move to solid foods as instructed by your surgeon
  • Drink plenty of water between meals but do not drink much water during meals
  • Prefer using a healthy and balanced diet
  • Chew your food thoroughly and slowly eat your food to support digestion
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and engage yourself in physical activities
  • Avoid using straws or carbonated drinks to prevent the stomach pouch from stretching
  • Keep visiting your surgeon for proper evaluation
  • If you observe any unusual side effects, inform your doctor for proper treatment 

The Last Say:

Gastric sleeve surgery in Islamabad is carried out to reduce excess weight by removing a significant portion of the stomach from the mainstream. A small stomach pouch is created during this procedure that is filled with a smaller amount of food. This procedure lowers your food intake and thus fulfills your weight loss aspirations. This treatment does not eliminate your sensation but lowers your appetite. You do not lose your hunger or taste and can enjoy your desired food with the same savor. You might observe a loss of appetite in the initial days, but gradually, you will start perceiving your sensations.

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