error 1904 module failed to register

Effective Ways to Eliminate Error 1904 Module Failed To Register

Error 1904 module failed to register appears when you try to update QuickBooks or you are using a new Windows operating system. A good thing for you is that you don’t have to worry about your Company file and other data; they are not affected by QuickBooks Error Code 1904. But you must be looking for ways that could resolve the error. Along with this, one thing that could concern you is the reason for its occurrence. Read this blog; we have given expert-approved methods that would be handy to resolve the error without fail.

In case you are unsure of resolving the issue on your own, our experts can provide you with assistance. Dial the +1(800)-578-0315, and our advisor will guide you best for error 1904

Common Causes that Trigger QuickBooks Error Code 1904

Different reasons can land you in QB Error Code 1904. Check out the list we are giving for common causes resulting in QuickBooks Login error 1904:

  1. Damaged MSXL fines caused the hindrance and were the reason for the QB to throw QuickBooks Error Code 1904.
  2. Your PC has a Corrupted .NET Framework, which is the root cause of the said error.
  3. Corruption in QuickBooks Company files causing problems in installation

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix QuickBooks Login Error 1904

Several fixes could resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 1904. But we are giving you the ones that are most common and are approved by our experts:

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Method 1: Utilize the Install Diagnostic Tool

Apply the following steps in order to fix the error; make sure to do it carefully. The tool hub must be downloaded first:

  • Visit the Intuit site and download Quickbooks Tool Hub from the site for troubleshooting.
  • Install it on the device and launch the program.
  • But you have to ensure that you have downloaded the most recent version.
  • If you have a pre-downloaded QuickBooks tool hub, you must check its version. If it’s any different, go ahead and download the recent version. Now, the latest QuickBooks tool hub version is 
  • To check your version of the Quickbooks tool hub, go to the home tab in the program windows.  Refer to the end of the screen, you can see the version.
  • Now, to begin the troubleshooting, click on the Installation issues. Your next option is to click on the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool.
  • It will take a while for the program to load; allow it to run and repair the lurking issues in regards to installation.
  • Wait for the process to finish, and then you need to restart QuickBooks.

Resume your QuickBooks task as usual after following the procedure mentioned above carefully. Move to the next fix if you notice QuickBooks Login Error 1904 is still there.

Method 2: Fix the Windows Components Manually

Windows also interrupts QuickBooks and can give you an error 1904. You can fix these issues in Windows settings:

  • You have to repair or reinstall Microsoft .NET Framework as it is corrupted.
  • Repair the damaged Microsoft MSXML File as it interrupts QuickBooks when damaged.

Restart your PC once you have used the above troubleshooting and reopen your QuickBooks. 


If you get stuck while conducting the steps mentioned above, dial +1(800)-578-0315 and get connected to our QuickBooks advisor for assistance in resolving the error 1904 module failed to register.


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